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Pimp Post!

Both us admins antonella87 & contessajulia, we have been on the hunt for Twilight graphics that are worth pimping to the world! Of course there are many great twilight artists on livejournal so it was very hard to choose "The Best" but here is a post to honor those great graphics&fanmixes that were posted in the past few weeks!

If they are pimped it's cuz they're worth looking at. And for that, they deserve some little feedback. Make sure you leave them a comment if you're enjoying what you're looking at!


nastey | 33 Twilight/Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart/Emily Browning/Gaspard Ulliel icons
Her icons are always so unique and have wonderful colors. In this post she proved us that she can do anything with an 100x100 box.

janine83 | 41 Twilight/Ashley Greene/Rachelle LeFevre/Kristen Stewart icons
Beautiful coloring, warm colors, cropping is fab in each icon. Simple yet clean & pretty icons!

sarcastic_imp | 09 Twilight icons
Amazing icons here. Great cropping and the colors are goldish wich makes them different from the usual "dark" twilight icons.

suzyx | 27 Twilight icons (BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS!)
She always posts the most funniest icons! If you have read the final installment of the saga, chek out her icons - you are sure to have a laugh!

step86 | 14 Twilight icons
Great text ones! very witty and enjoyable. Lovely "BRB" banners too I must add.

catchx22 | 15 Twilight icons
Gorgeous icons featuring Dream Team & Chosen ones. Love the simplicity of them. Very gorgeous banners & Bookmarks too by the way!

latastic | 37 Twilight/Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart icons
Very lovely icons with great use of subtle textures and nice cropping too!


evilfuckinbitch | 08 Twilight wallpapers
These wallpapers look like beautiful paintings. They are so unique and have a haunting mood to them. Totally fitting the Twilight vibe!

boxed | 01 Twilight wallpaper
Most creative Twilight wallpaper i've seen in a while. She used pictures that are totally overused YET you can't help but adore this piece of work.


fadedpresence | Trilogy
Wonderful twilight fanmix evolving around the 3 books featuring some really unique & great music that isn't in every fanmix out there. Incredibly gorgeous cover art too! A post with total pleasure for your eyes & ears.

cigarette | The Medicine To Kill My Pain
Pretty cover art to accompany this fanmix with 12 tracks. Alot of popular songs yet still very fitting with Twilight!

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