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breaking dawn hiatus

with breaking dawn out in 1 more day and im sure everyone is making thier leave a bit early for reasons of spoilers and I have to go follow and leave myself - so this community will be on a *bit* of hiatus until a few days after breaking dawn afterwards we will be back but i feel its going to be rather quiet with BD realse , but all those fast readers , have patience :)

If anyone is going to some Breaking Realese Parties I hope you have fun and get your copy A.S.A.P if not I hope you get your copy on August 2nd to continue the story! I honestly can't belive its finally here and some people already got into 7 chapters. the temptation is to hard I must leave ah my last real journey with dream team i think i might tear up , and hope I don't picture my movie edward/bella (ks/rp), ah i hardly doubt.

feel free to spam comments with your spoiler free hopes for the book / your plans for August 1st etc. and anything you feel for breaking dawn - remember, spoiler free.

Well Im off with Edward in my happy place. :)

Happy Reading!

be back soon~
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