Antonella (antonella87) wrote in livingatwilight,

Favorite scene so far?

There's still 4½ months left until the Twilight!Movie is officially released but we have to admit we've been spoiled rotten with all the scenes and stuff we got so far. We've seen alot of bits and pieces of scenes:

• How old are you? 17. [...] Are you afraid? (From both teaser trailers)
• Car crash sequences (From both teaser trailers)
• Greenhouse "Google it" (MTV exclusive footage)
• The Cullen's house : Clair de Lune "I'm not scared of you" (Penelope Sneak Peek)
• Ballet Fight Scene (MTV 1min version or Extended Comic Con 3min version)
• Prom sequences (From many "making of" videos)
• ..others?

I know it's very hard to determine yet but wich one is your favorite so far? One you can honestly say made you squee of joy when seeing it and made you have faith in the movie.
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