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Music News Discussion

Hello everyone!

First official discussion post here. I'm sure many of you heard by now that Robert Pattinson will have 2 songs in the movie [quoting Catherine Hardwicke] "which is really heartbreaking. It's at quite an amazing place in the film [...] I cried the first time I heard the two songs. They're deep; they're very soulful.". The lullaby will be the love theme wich will be played throughout the whole movie (although i'm still confused on the whole "Rpattz composing the lullaby or not" part). And last but not least, MUSE will have a song in the movie/soundtrack, and it's a song that already exists but they'll remix it for the movie. You can read the article about this HERE.

Well I don't know about you guys but the music in the movie is something i'm really looking foward to. I can't wait to hear the lullaby & knowing that muse will be in the soundtrack makes me really happy because I personally think they deserve to be somewhere in the movie due to their inspiration for the books.

What do YOU guys think about this? excited for the lullaby (or maybe just seeing sex!rpattz playing the piano)? What do you hope it'll sound like? Happy/Creeped out by the fact that Rpattz has 2 songs in the movie? What MUSE song do you think will be in the movie? Discuss about the music in the movie: your hopes, your fears and whatnot.
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