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~yikes~ sorry for the lack of updating guys as promised a featured pic spam with your's truly Robert Pattinson ,the totally adorable / sexy actor who all girls will love by the end of the year for sure the poor guy im kind of scared for his life lol I adore rpattz he is so hilarious his sense of humor is the best I can't ever stop smiling he is the perfect match as Edward Cullen and Gaspard Ulliel was my edward but at this point rpattz is all I picture he is teh offical edward for me now , its in his eyes anyways he is going to do fantastic job, enjoy this pic spam.


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23 August 2008 @ 02:29 am
Both us admins antonella87 & contessajulia, we have been on the hunt for Twilight graphics that are worth pimping to the world! Of course there are many great twilight artists on livejournal so it was very hard to choose "The Best" but here is a post to honor those great graphics&fanmixes that were posted in the past few weeks!

If they are pimped it's cuz they're worth looking at. And for that, they deserve some little feedback. Make sure you leave them a comment if you're enjoying what you're looking at!

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Here is livingatwilight 's first pic spam starring yours truly Emily no one should be THIS beautiful Browning! 50 of her most beautiful Portraits! I don't know about you but she is my absoute favorite Bella Swan she is Bella heart & soul and Im still suprised im still picturing her in the books even with the movie buzz, I love Kstew , Emily Browning is unforgetable.

Enjoy Emily Browning as Bella fans!

NOTE: if you don't like her as bella or don't care for her that is a-okay just don't look :)

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13 August 2008 @ 09:56 pm

Ever came across a fantastic Twilight fanmix where practically every song fit perfectly ? Well this is your time to pimp it for every twilighter to enjoy. Share those fab fanmixes with us for the great songs compilation or just for the pretty cover art lol

NOTE: PLEASE WARN US if it's a Breaking Dawn fanmix. We don't wanna spoil those who haven't had the time to read the final book yet.
07 August 2008 @ 01:48 am

back & finished with BD. finally I can't fathom all that has happend in just the last 3 days in this book I can't say to much without spoilage.

so here is a post for discussion.

if you liked? great tell us why and what most, your favorite parts.
if you disliked? why mostly? what could have been better? what was missing? what wasn't right?

remember you can have all the opinons you like, just respect each other and be mature.

comment away!


and heres a BD survey if you like, its an opition. it could be interesting, maybe get things of your chest?

01 August 2008 @ 01:00 am

with breaking dawn out in 1 more day and im sure everyone is making thier leave a bit early for reasons of spoilers and I have to go follow and leave myself - so this community will be on a *bit* of hiatus until a few days after breaking dawn afterwards we will be back but i feel its going to be rather quiet with BD realse , but all those fast readers , have patience :)

If anyone is going to some Breaking Realese Parties I hope you have fun and get your copy A.S.A.P if not I hope you get your copy on August 2nd to continue the story! I honestly can't belive its finally here and some people already got into 7 chapters. the temptation is to hard I must leave ah my last real journey with dream team i think i might tear up , and hope I don't picture my movie edward/bella (ks/rp), ah i hardly doubt.

feel free to spam comments with your spoiler free hopes for the book / your plans for August 1st etc. and anything you feel for breaking dawn - remember, spoiler free.

Well Im off with Edward in my happy place. :)

Happy Reading!

be back soon~
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29 July 2008 @ 09:25 pm

There's still 4½ months left until the Twilight!Movie is officially released but we have to admit we've been spoiled rotten with all the scenes and stuff we got so far. We've seen alot of bits and pieces of scenes:

• How old are you? 17. [...] Are you afraid? (From both teaser trailers)
• Car crash sequences (From both teaser trailers)
• Greenhouse "Google it" (MTV exclusive footage)
• The Cullen's house : Clair de Lune "I'm not scared of you" (Penelope Sneak Peek)
• Ballet Fight Scene (MTV 1min version or Extended Comic Con 3min version)
• Prom sequences (From many "making of" videos)
• ..others?

I know it's very hard to determine yet but wich one is your favorite so far? One you can honestly say made you squee of joy when seeing it and made you have faith in the movie.
27 July 2008 @ 02:39 am

music uploads

Here is music you can download from the Twilight 2008 movie -not fanmix related music but offical songs in Twilight 2008 | hopefully we will get more music in the future to be added - Enjoy!

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27 July 2008 @ 03:14 am

Hello everyone!

First official discussion post here. I'm sure many of you heard by now that Robert Pattinson will have 2 songs in the movie [quoting Catherine Hardwicke] "which is really heartbreaking. It's at quite an amazing place in the film [...] I cried the first time I heard the two songs. They're deep; they're very soulful.". The lullaby will be the love theme wich will be played throughout the whole movie (although i'm still confused on the whole "Rpattz composing the lullaby or not" part). And last but not least, MUSE will have a song in the movie/soundtrack, and it's a song that already exists but they'll remix it for the movie. You can read the article about this HERE.

Well I don't know about you guys but the music in the movie is something i'm really looking foward to. I can't wait to hear the lullaby & knowing that muse will be in the soundtrack makes me really happy because I personally think they deserve to be somewhere in the movie due to their inspiration for the books.

What do YOU guys think about this? excited for the lullaby (or maybe just seeing sex!rpattz playing the piano)? What do you hope it'll sound like? Happy/Creeped out by the fact that Rpattz has 2 songs in the movie? What MUSE song do you think will be in the movie? Discuss about the music in the movie: your hopes, your fears and whatnot.
25 July 2008 @ 01:13 am

welcome members! so glad you decided to join up, that means it appealed to you, which is awsome! just for starters I whipped up this survey for fun and so we can get to know everyone - maybe you can meet new friends to!

+ Copy/Paste this in a comment and reply to this post!

well hope you read the rules and your interested in livingatwlight ! Stay tuned for all the post to come! :)